Jesse Cook

Sleep Scientist, Researcher, and Blogger


My Sleep research career began in 2012 as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Richard Bootzin's Sleep Laboratory at the University of Arizona. After graduation, I moved to Madison, WI to join Dr. David Plante's Sleep Laboratory as a research specialist. In 2017, I entered the Clinical Psychology PhD program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and anticipate completing my PhD in 2023.

Primarily, my research focuses on advancing the classification, assessment, and treatment of Idiopathic Hypersomnia. Supplementary, I have established a unique expertise in the capabilities and shortcomings of commercially available sleep tracking technology, with multiple publications on the topic.

Additionally, I have published on other Sleep topics related to the effects of sleep deprivation, adolescent sleep health, and the role of Sleep in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease,. Beyond sleep research, I also have experience delivering sleep-specific interventions as a training clinician, with experience in treating insomnia and nightmares, assisting in CPAP compliance, and managing Hypersomnia disorders. Somni is an optimal fit for my desires to translate evidence-based, clinical interventions and recommendations into digitally available sleep health programs!

What You Didn't Know About Me

When not geeking out on all things Sleep, I love to run, bike, and (reluctantly) swim. Additionally, I have a passion for cooking and derive unique enjoyment from creating delicious, grillable plant-based burgers, salsas, and anything that can be made from an avocado.

Although I do not possess any super powers (to my knowledge), I did meet Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at 7am in the Dallas Love airport while traveling for graduate school interviews. That was cool.


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