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How It Works

We harness sleep neuroscience, premium products, and your sleep data to create a personalized approach to solve your deepest sleep needs.

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Ready to Make a Real Change to Your Sleep?

Complete Solutions

No more piecemeal approaches. We offer comprehensive and holistic approaches to addressing your sleep.

Better Health

Improving your sleep is the easiest way to improve the rest of your overall health. Boost your cognitive, emotional and physical health.

Evidenced Based

We guarantee outcomes of getting 3+ more days of sleep per year and improving your sleep quality by +30% with our personalized program.

Lasting Change

Somni is built on the foundations of behavioral sleep medicine. We've designed our programs to help you get the lasting changes you need.

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How it Works


Harness the power of sleep in your own life. Start with our Foundation of Sleep content track then create your own journey.


Use our powerful analytic tools to track how your decisions affect your sleep and learn to build a perfect sleep routine.


Get premium science backed products based to create sustainable and consistent sleep routines.


Need an extra hand? Work with us to receive personalized guidance from our team of expert sleep coaches.


In 3-months be on your way to meaningfully better sleep. Stay on track and sustain your progress with our support tools.

Proven with data, loved by customers

“Somni gave me the tools and know-how to harness the benefits of sleep.”

More than 75% of our users say they improve their sleep hygiene thanks to Somni.

“Somni increased the amount I value sleep as well as the amount and quality of my sleep.”

Almost 60% of our users report a significant improvement in their quality of sleep.

“Finally, a solution that is sustainable!”

On average, users get 10 more hours of sleep a month using Somni.


Sleep Data

Track individual sleep patterns, integrate with wearables, and measure progress. We’ll suggest personalized recommendations and track improvements.


Learn realistic strategies for making healthy sleep choices with our short neuroscience based lessons delivered daily.


1-on-1 coaching to help achieve individual sleep goals until they become second nature.


Sleep tools enable environmental change without drugs or expensive payments - shipped right to your door.

Somni for Groups

We work with corporations, sports teams, and more to help their people get better sleep. Studies have shown employees who are sleep deprived can cost an organization up to $3,420 per year.

With volume discounts and personalized service, Somni more than pays for itself.

Ask us how we can help your group

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Somni for Individuals

Programs Include

  • Dedicated sleep coach
  • Evidenced based neuroscience curriculum
  • Sleep hygiene toolkit
  • Sleep tracking and analysis
  • Access to discounted sleep products
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